Hey there guys my name is Marcus and in this article I’m going to discuss eToro. i’m going to share with you some tips and tricks how we can make money with ituro i just need to say that i’m not paid or like promoted by ether or to say these things these are just like my tips so you don’t lose money personally um someone who is trading on trading 212 and binance and this is just information don’t do


Exactly what i say uh i’m just going to give you ideas what i would do if i would be someone starting out so when you would come here to the ethero and do you have a few ways how you can make money you can do the day trading uh that’s the way that you’re gonna buy stocks and sell them immediately then you’re gonna have the swing trade or like weekly trade then i’m going to


Buy let’s say tesla for six hundred dollars and i’ll just wait until it’ll rise up and i just sell you a week later you can do it too or then you can go also with the dividends so what you’re gonna do is to long-term invest into various stocks and then just get dividends from it or what you can do really great way what


I recommend if you don’t really want to focus on trading is to actually come here and copy people so you just come here and you find people who are trading like equities and you see the earnings you see that okay 2020 they made 43 2019 10 copies you see the plenty of people are copying


And you see that this guy’s frequent trade bitcoin amazon mastercard and you can clearly see uh their performance what i would do is that i would complete two three people and this is really great way last one 12 months 55 and you can always see the performance of the guy right here but just be wary last year it was really easy to perform


Really well on in stocks only because like everything went up like understandable from the march to december uh it went up all the time literally on a lot of stocks so just keep in mind that this can be really really not good indicator like look on the last four months how they were doing and i know when you’re watching this video but don’t take that seriously 2020


Uh look on 2021 and most of the traders didn’t make so much money when you look at their performances so i will just show you so this is this is the first way how you can make actually money maybe i will be wrong okay he got good 11 here 689 he got 20 in november and 670.5 it went up also so just keep in mind the 2020 was


Cryptos by market cap if you would invest into this like last year look at the performance mamma mia right crazy performance but you see right here 2019 wasn’t that great at 16 14.53 11 4.41 so yeah this is something you should definitely keep in mind that it’s not that great and right now it’s it’s booming and it will probably boom even more so


That’s another way how you can make money and also another way how you can make money is to actually promote ethero on social media and promote your links so people are going to register and they are going to invest money and you can make good money too so i have affiliate and let me show you my results yeah i probably can’t do it i think it’s


Sign up so for every sign-up you make and they’re going to invest money and charge the ether account you will get like 200 dollars which is perfect i got like few sign ups here and there and i made 300 from it on another monthly basis healthier basis because i don’t really promote it or that much i like their company but i don’t really use it so i’m not promoting because i


Mostly promote products which i like and which i use on daily basis so that’s what i do and uh ether is fine so if you’re going to write a blog or create a video in which you’re going to review ether or just share some tips and people are going to use it and invest through the ethero you can make like a little bit of money that way too and they’re like really really good money


So let’s say that you would have i know i’m going to use the paint for it you would have 10 simon 10 signups and they’re going to charge your account on ethero you would get around 2k approximately a month that’s like perfect right so that’s the first way what you can do the second way my recommendation is do this guys uh focus on how you can actually earn money


From your day job or how you can earn money from business side hustle whatever find a way to do that don’t do day trading that you want to go full time living from it it’s possible but when you don’t have a lot of base money the day trading to 100k you just have to get lucky and don’t play this game digitally you’re trying to get lucky


That’s my recommendation go with a risk but also a little bit safe you know what i mean it’s like focus creating something meaningful and then you will win big because you just invest those money into the like ether or whatever you want crypto right so what do i mean uh what you want to do is to get more money from business let’s say that you can invest then on a


Monthly basis 3k dollars those 3k dollars that you’re gonna have what i would do is that i would go long term investing with a compound insta interest that i would go 70 percent etfs and index funds so what arc funds those are really great so this is the first way 30 like 20 i would go stocks that i personally like so let’s say that you like tesla you


Like i don’t know what kind of stock whatever and then 10 i would go crypto again a long term hold to somebody crypto i wouldn’t invest right now because i don’t know when you’re watching this video but crypto is too damn high and when i go ethereum price and i go also bitcoin price look at this it’s so damn high and all look at this peak like what is this bit comprised too but everything is